Intertech's roots can be traced back to the 1950's, when an entrepreneur by the name of John Lane began as the North American sales representative for German slitter manufacturer Dienes GmbH. Over the years, he began embracing a broader vision. He teamed with Bernt Suppe Sr., head of Dienes GmbH, to partner on a new engineering and distribution venture. With Suppe's faith and manufacturing support, John Lane founed Dienes Corporation USA in 1954.

After a successful partnership spanning two decades, John Lane separated from Dienes Corporation. To his credit, his vision of integrating engineering and production requirements into the manufacturing specifications had become the standard approach for the industry. With a pledge to carry on their father's "knowledgeable" approach, Gary and Peter Lane founded Intertech Precision Ltd. in 1978. 

Today, Intertech is a global leader providing slitting knives, knife holders and systems for the paper, nonwovens, plastic and textile markets. We have expanded our offerings to include additional consulting services and important new technologies improving the safety and speed of production set-up. We are confident that Intertech is now poised for even greater success. Watch us continue to make history.


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