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Intertech helps converters and manufacturers of abrasives, fiberglass, foil, nonwovens, paper, plastic, rubber and tag and label cut the materials they need while improving product quality, reducing production costs and ensuring maximum slitting production uptime. Intertech products cut all kinds of widths, depths and speeds in order to help our customers meet the needs of todays dynamic market more successfully.Intertech Precision, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of automated slitting solutions, knife holders, shafts, knives and slitting components. Founded in 1955, the company was a pioneer in the manufacturing and converting industry. Intertech established itself quickly by delivering real answers to slitting and converting needs. Since then, we continue to build momentum as we:

> Introduced Exciting New Technologies- for computerized self positioning slitting modules, edge-trim systems, narrow width sliting, razor slitting and score slitting.

> Expanded the Intertech Customer Base- our worldwide customer base now includes over 200,000 shear, score and razor blade knife holders.

> Expanded Our Global Distribution Network- We have distributors and OEMS serving North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

> Invested in Intertech's Continued Growth- adding to our senior management team, opened branch offices in 2001, and expanded our Internet presence to improve the distribution helpful information.
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